SportsArt 3110 Treadmill Walking Belt 2ply


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In stock

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Part Name: Walking Belt – Running Belt – Treadbelt – Fitness 
New Replacement / Model No. Sportsart 3110
Weight: 9 lbs.  
Quantity On  Model: 1.  
2-ply Premium.
“High Quality Belt – Fabricated in USA”
“Need a custom size made belt? …we can help, contact us for more information.” 

Treadmill Belt Lubricant

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Many of our customers often ask  us what is the difference between the following names:
Treadmill Walking Belt, Treadmill Running Belt, Treadbelt, Treadmill Belt…and the answer is none.  
Treadmill Belts are often refer to as any of the names above, but the truth is that all belts 
can be used either for walking or running. Walking Belts LLC