NTL240152 NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer Treadmill Motor Speed Controller


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Part NameController, OEM, Motor, Genuine, MC5100DTS-50WMC5100 DTS 50W
New Replacement.
30 days warranty.


“Need a custom size made Controller? …we can help, contact us for more information.” 


Many of our customers often ask  us what is the difference between the following names:
Treadmill Walking Belt, Treadmill Running Belt, Treadbelt, Treadmill Belt…and the answer is none.  
Treadmill Belts are often refer to as any of the names above, but the truth is that all belts 
can be used either for walking or running.- Walking Belts LLC


IMPORTANT: Read Here before placing your order…
Thank you for your interest in our parts.  When purchasing a treadmill belt (or any other part), you must make sure Brand, Model Name, Model Number and Serial Number match the listing of the belt you are purchasing.  In some cases, your Brand and Model Name might be the same as the listing but the Model Number or Serial Number may not if this is the case it is not the correct part for your unit.  Please note most of the time we will list the Brand, Model Name and Model Number or Serial Number on the part listing, that is because only these information is needed to know which is the correct belt (or part) you need.  All the information in the listing must match the information on your treadmill.  If unsure of which belt you need to purchase, simply send us a picture of your unit’s serial number decal and if not shown on the serial number decal provide the Brand and Model Name along with the picture.  This information will help us provide you with the link for the correct belt (or part) needed.




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